Small Investment Business Ideas In India

small investment business ideas

7 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Low Investment

Do you want to start a business in India with low investment ? If YES, here are 15 best small business ideas & opportunities in India for beginners 2019 which you can start with small investment and you can start these in any parts of India, you do not need to move to Metro cities

1) Start Inventory Management

Inventory Manager

Inventory management is the section of grant chain management that ambitions to usually have the right merchandise in the right extent for sale, at the right time. When completed effectively, agencies minimize the charges of carrying excess stock while maximizing sales. Good stock management can help you song your stock in real time to streamline this process.

By efficaciously managing your stock you can have the proper merchandise in the right extent on hand and keep away from products being out of inventory and cash being tied up in extra stock. You can additionally make certain your products are offered in time to avoid spoilage or obsolescence, or spending too lots money on stock that’s taking up area in a warehouse or stockroom.

Think about how regularly and rapidly the names Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and so forth are taken amongst Indians. This proves how their enterprise is exponentially growing. But then again, all e-commerce structures want a hand to help them control their stock and warehousing facilities. This leads to an probability for you to begin your personal inventory/warehouse management service for e-commerce platforms, in particular now when the demand is high however supply is low for the same.

2) Become A Travel Agent

Travel agency

With the rising fee of travel, humans are looking for methods to impenetrable deals with brilliant savings. If you understand how to discover extremely good deals on airfare, accommodations and condo cars, you can start a home business as a journey planner and be your personal boss. When you help others retailer money on travel, it sincerely puts cash right again into your pocket in the tour industry.

Starting a domestic business as a tour planner is simple if you already very own a pc and phone. These will be your primary tools for looking the web to locate purple hot travel deals. You can devise all-inclusive trips that are tailored to in shape the precise wishes of individuals, couples or even entire families. It’s a worry free and stress free job because you can work from the relief of your very own home and be your personal boss.

If you are a innovative thinker, you can specialize as a tour planner for a precise niche, such as household vacations or romantic getaways. On the different hand, if you desire to cater to a massive client base with this home business, you can feature a variety of extraordinary packages and create customized deals for purchasers with specific needs. No remember what method you use, your purchasers will keep cash on their journey plans, and you will be properly on your way to financial success with a domestic commercial enterprise as a tour planner.

This would high-quality swimsuit you if you are yourself an avid traveller or revel in studying about tourism. A way to enter the tourism industry, you can sit down lower back and plan journey for people. One can begin small and then complicated on the client base. A single desk and computer can be sufficient of preliminary investment and the willingness to recognize and be rapid with the database of hotels, routes, transport, and prices.

3) Open an Organic Food Store

organic food store

Searching for new Business ideas?

Choosing to start your personal organic food store is a wise choice I would say!

Demand for natural meals is chiefly pushed by means of customer issues for non-public fitness and the environment. Nevertheless, from the viewpoint of science and consumers, there is inadequate proof in the scientific and scientific literature to assist claims that natural meals is both safer or more healthy to eat than traditional food. While there may also be some differences in the nutrient and antinutrient contents of organically and conventionally produced food, the variable nature of food production, shipping, storage, and coping with makes it challenging to generalize results. Claims that “organic food tastes better” are generally now not supported through tests.

With developing consciousness on healthful living, natural farming & grocery chains carrying natural shop food products, are coming up everywhere. With the Indian natural food market predicted to develop over 25% in the subsequent three years, there is large scope for venturing into the small enterprise of natural food & natural farming.

4) Online Teaching

online teaching

Teachers or tutors who use the Internet to educate guides “at a distance” are referred to as on-line instructors or teachers. Online teaching careers are also open to mentors or counselors who reply questions and grant emotional encouragement for online students.

Online teachers engage with students through email, message boards, online “blackboards,” chat rooms or, in some cases, digital actuality platforms and software program as an alternative than face-to-face. Their students may want to be from round the us of a or round the world.

Online teachers want to be capable to translate normal path material in methods that are understood in the online environment, because they can’t count number on eye contact or different facial cues to determine whether or not students are perception and retaining activity in a lesson.

Some online instructors publish video or audio lectures and different multimedia reference fabric online, as well as furnish without problems downloadable text materials. Some publications are set up so that all college students attend a chat room at the same time and hear, see or read a professor’s words simultaneously, with stay dialogue by using message board. Other publications do no longer have any shared “real” time, but grant cloth that students can down load and find out about at their personal pace.

Online instructors are expected to promptly reply students’ emails and message board questions, as this is the solely shape of get admission to college students have to teachers. Papers and different assignments are transmitted digitally between trainer and student.

Needless to say, every body who is serious about an on line educating profession need to be at ease with computers, Internet technological know-how and, increasingly, social and cellular media.

5) Food Truck Business

Food Truck

Food truck enterprise is a fantastic possibility for entrepreneurs whose ardour is serving food. It is advisable in many approaches like there is no need of shopping for high priced areas for opening up a restaurant, all you want is a full-fleeced truck, licenses and your ardour for catering meals in the city. It is a job which requires creativity and innovation with lip-smacking dishes for attracting foodies.

The common value of beginning a food truck commercial enterprise in India is between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, relying on what kind of automobile you have and what you are selling.This is also the best business ideas to strat with low investment.

In India there is no affiliation or regulatory physique assigned via the authorities for establishing a food truck business. Licensing for food trucks in India is extraordinarily unorganised and is the most time eating and burdensome task.

For beginning a commercial enterprise truck, one have to lookup about the taste of people; what they prefer to eat on the go. It is essential to determine out what type of meals vans are already in the city. How many food trucks specialises in the identical menu you are planning to sell? Is there room in the market for what you are selling? Will humans prefer to consume what you are selling?

6) Vertical  Farming

Vertical  Farming

The scope of vertical farming is on the other hand growing quickly in India. The scheme has been mirrored as one of the high precedence area. Good technical and economic help is now accessible for setting up vertical farming devices and protecting agriculture.

Most frequent and profitable vertical farming instance is mushroom cultivation. Temperature and humidity managed stipulations are economically viable to be created solely at restricted spaces. European mushroom cultivation consequently is finished vertically so as to make first-class use of space.

Vertical farming is the exercise of producing meals on vertically inclined surfaces. Instead of farming veggies and different ingredients on a single level, such as in a subject or a greenhouse, this approach produces meals in vertically stacked layers typically built-in into different constructions like a skyscraper, transport container or repurposed warehouse.

Using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology, this modern-day thinking makes use of indoor farming techniques. The artificial manipulate of temperature, light, humidity, and gases makes producing foods and remedy indoor possible. In many ways, vertical farming is comparable to greenhouses where metal reflectors and synthetic lights increase herbal sunlight. The fundamental aim of vertical farming is maximizing plants output in a restricted house

7) Import & Sell Wearables Devices

wearable devices and gadgets


Wearable devices (also referred to as wearable gadgets) is a category of technological know-how devices that can be worn via a purchaser and regularly consist of tracking data related to fitness and fitness. Other wearable tech devices encompass units that have small action sensors to take pics and sync with your cellular devices.

Electronics, mainly wearables like smartwatches add a private contact to every character and as a result are gaining recognition with time. Considering how India doesn’t manufacture most of them, being an importer of these wearables can be a excellent raise to your career. This is also the best business ideas to strat with low investment. Import and sell, and earn well.


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