Small Business Ideas in India

List of 15 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Low Investment


Do you want to start a business in India with low investment ? If YES, here are 15 best small business ideas & opportunities in India for beginners 2019 which you can start with small investment and you can start these in any parts of India, you do not need to move to Metro cities

1. Hosting Reseller

You can certainly earnings from net internet hosting due to the fact human beings need internet hosting and they are inclined to pay for it. Free web hosting in no way turns out to work out for groups and they will go on to a paid host.

You have to find a way to stand out from the crowd and be the host that agencies prefer to work with first. Being a reseller internet host is a awesome way to make money. Because all it takes is you paying for internet hosting at an affordable price and then reselling it for a higher price.

As long as you have a massive quantity of area via a massive server and bandwidth, you can divide it up and promote it to humans for a month-to-month fee. This is a exceptional way to make money and potentially acquire loyal clients that will desire to buy your different merchandise or services.

some web hosting provider :- Hostgator , Bluehost , A2Hosting

2. Sell Online Courses

People go online for a range of reasons, along with amusement and socializing. But the Internet is also used to locate facts and research new things. Not certain how to use a new piece of software? There is probably a video tutorial on YouTube.
This want for data and practise has created a terrific chance for you to get paid for your knowledge. While some humans have completed this with the aid of developing a blog or writing books, an on-line course is some other approach of promoting what you know. Online learning is expected to attain more than $240 billion by means of 2021, according to Global Industry Analysts.


3. Food Delivery Service

Meals transport is a courier provider in which a restaurant, store, or unbiased food delivery agency gives you food to a customer. An order is generally made either via a restaurant or grocer’s internet site or phone, or through a food ordering company.So it will be the best small business ideas.

The delivered objects can include entrees, sides, drinks, desserts, or grocery items and are generally delivered in containers or bags. The shipping individual will typically drive a car, however in greater cities the place homes and eating places are nearer together, they may also use bikes or motorized scooters.

Customers can, relying on the transport company, choose to pay on line or in person, with cash or card. A flat charge delivery charge is frequently charged with what the patron has bought. Tips are frequently normal for meals delivery service.

4. Property Management Services


The method of managing property that is accessible for lease via preserving and coping with all the daily things to do that are centered around the piece of real estate.

Property administration may additionally involve seeking out tenants to occupy the space, accumulating month-to-month apartment payment, keeping the property, and preservation of the grounds.

Apartment complexes are dealt with with the aid of some type of property management company.

5. Wedding planning services

A wedding ceremony planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and administration of a client’s wedding. Weddings are considerable events in people’s lives and as such, couples are often inclined to spend extensive quantity of cash to make sure that their weddings are well-organized.

Wedding planners are frequently used by way of couples who work lengthy hours. And have little spare time handy for sourcing and managing wedding ceremony venues and wedding suppliers.So it will be the best small business ideas.

Professional wedding ceremony planners are primarily based worldwide however the industry is the biggest in the USA, India, western Europe and China. Various wedding planning publications are available to these who want to pursue the career. Planners commonly charge both a percentage of the complete wedding cost, or a flat fee.

Planners are also famous with couples planning a vacation spot wedding, the place the documentation and paperwork can be complicated. Any place where wedding is held requires special approaches depending on the nationality of each the bride and the groom.

6. Real Estate Consultant

A real property advisor provides clients with specialised economic and investment guidance. A real property consultant is a unique position involved in the procedure of buying or selling properties.

As a actual property consultant, you will probable set an hourly fee for your services and establish a consulting settlement with your clients. Unlike a traditional real estate agent, consultants are non-obligatory for clients; however, you can grant customers with value-added services, including asset management, market analysis/modeling, and hire management.

Your consumers may additionally range from individual traders or commercial enterprise owners to financial lenders and third-party intermediaries.

A actual property consultant’s most important duty is to grant purchasers with help at some point of the buying or selling system in order to assist them reap their goals. That help can include conducting analyses on contemporary enterprise tendencies and viable investments, consisting of various monetary portfolios. Whenever a patron is fascinated in a property, the guide may also also consider its cutting-edge condition and comparatives to determine its worth.

7. Career Guidance


career guidance

Career guidance is the coaching given to persons to help them gather the knowledge, information, skills, and journey. Integral to become aware of profession options, and slim them down to make one profession decision. This profession choice then consequences in their social, economic and emotional well-being throughout.

A career information helps human beings via advising them on the careers that would possibly go well with them for a fee. This is not only a profitable business however a profitable one as well. Your success rate with consumers will carry in some greater customers for you as they will help in referrals.

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8. Paper Bag Making

If you are planning to set up a paper bag making company. Then one desktop would cost you somewhere between Rs 700,000, relying on the capability and first-class of the machine.

Currently, the world is dealing with a lot of disaster due to plastic waste which is nearly impossible to decompose. But as of now, no commercial enterprise is expert adequate to produce paper baggage at low prices. So it will be the best small business ideas. If you have some brilliant ideas to make paper luggage inexpensive and can truly produce low cost paper bags, then within 2 to 3 years, you may want to effortlessly grow to be a self-made billionaire.

Though you could make a paper bag at domestic also if you are doing this business with an extremely low budget. You will want historical newspapers and gum to paste them in the required form.

9. Investment Advisor

A funding investment advisor is similar to a economic planner, funding manager, funding consultant, or monetary advisor.

A funding marketing consultant normally analyzes securities primarily based on previous performance, cutting-edge or projected market conditions. And the underlying economic shape of a specific deal, and makes investment hints to an individual or team of investors.

Investment advisors may additionally be independent consultants or work as part of hooked up firms, such as brokerages managing mutual funds.

Investment advisors normally have experience in underwriting, task finance, and brokerage. Most investment advisors charge a flat fee or a                                                                                      commission on the asset being bought or sold.

10. Handicraft Business

In latest years, the importance of handicrafts has surged due to their cultural and economic values. The small scale industries – which includes handicrafts can play a predominant role. In the development of the financial system of both the developed and the growing countries. The 90-95% of the total industrial merchandise of the world is produced in small workshops run with the aid of much less than a hundred people.

The Indian handicraft industry is one of the biggest employment turbines and debts for a vast share in the country’s exports. So it will be the best small business ideas. The industry is fragmented and unorganised with extra than seveb million regional artisans and extra than 67,000 exporters promotion regional art and craftsmanship in the domestic and global markets.

The total export of handicrafts from India is predicted to almost double to $2.7 billion in FY 2015-16. And is anticipated to increase similarly to $3.8 billion through FY 2020-21. In 2015-16, Indian handicrafts export stood at $4.5 billion which is up via about 15.4% of the previous year’s exports. Exports of Indian handicrafts have multiplied at round 16.4% on the grounds that the remaining five years.

11. Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Paper cups are turning into greater and more famous across the globe as a way to become more eco-friendly. And minimize publicity to food borne infections. Demand of Paper cups are majorly originating from IT companies, academic institutions, meals canteens, industrial canteen, restaurants, espresso or tea shop, quickly food, remarkable markets, health clubs and event organizers.

As paper cups are a product of each day use. And have mass consumption requirements, promoting of paper cups in the market will no longer be a problem. So it will be the best small business ideas.  With properly set up demand and supply forces, the expenses of paper cups in the market can be effortlessly ascertained. And offered in bulk to merchants or end clients through a range of channels.

Paper cups are normally disposable cups that are made of paper and lined with plastic so that drinks do now not soak the paper. These merchandise are turning into extra and extra popular due to the fact they are no longer only eco-friendly but additionally restriction publicity to meals infections. Starting this business is a sure-hit as paper cups are used in companies, meals canteens, instructional institutions, espresso shops, fast ingredients and wonderful markets.

12. Mushroom harvesting

Mushroom cultivation is a worthwhile enterprise proposition in India. As you recognize that mushroom is exact medicinal drug for fitness problems especially blood associated. Or most cancers causing agent it kills them as it contains anti most cancers elements. If you desire to acquire mass then mushroom is the pleasant alternative because it is excellent for digestive system also.

And as business because in a united states of america like India where alot of human beings are ailing from obesity , coronary heart problem, cancer, pores and skin disease,etc mushroom cultivation is a extraordinary chance for them.

The altering dietary habits of human beings in urban areas has delivered forth the use of mushrooms in various recipes. The inherent nutritional value of mushrooms are oft repeated in various fitness food articles.

Good best mushrooms, well-packed has a excellent demand which is increasing. So, cultivating mushrooms for the new era buyers is a true enterprise proposition.

 13. Bulk SMS and Email Business


email marketing

I am positive just like me, you also get tens of promotional emails and SMSes each day. In every ordinary business, direct emails, and SMSes are one of the pleasant sources of lead generation. Whether you talk about real estate, insurance, or retail, each and every enterprise owner is based on SMSes and emails for lead generation. Even in political campaigns, politicians are using these massively.

So it can be a extremely good business notion and you can without problems grow in this business. To set up your self in this business, you can target new startups at the establishing as a substitute of concentrated on massive ventures. Also, as a substitute of setting the whole lot on your own, simply collaborate with extremely big ventures, use their tools and start your very own business.

14. E-commerce store

The scope of eCommerce Business in India is surely going to expand yr after year. A recent record with the aid of the Internet and Mobile Association of India suggests that a fast-paced increase of around 50% is to be anticipated in the coming 5 years.

The E-Commerce enterprise scope is turning out to be more famous on daily basis according to the market demand. And this requirement is producing improvements global targeted on transport time, ease of transactions and numerous features served via eCommerce businesses, for example, drone transport or artificial intelligence.
Websites like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, etc. are all examples of the significant success of eCommerce in India. Due to these firms, India is one of the quickest developing eCommerce markets in Asia/Pacific with China investing as much.
As India has been the coronary heart of the e-commerce market in 2016 with the terrific boom of 70%. The purchaser base is anticipated to hit 500 million in 2020, and this ensures that any e-commerce challenge would quickly be the fine commercial enterprise in India, as far as earnings and increase are concerned.

15. Flex Printing Business

flex printing machine

Flex and banner market in India is developing hastily nowadays.  These  are most crucial gadgets for out of doors advertising these days. And any individual can begin a successful flex printing commercial enterprise with small capital investment.

Some of the most practicable customers are regional and countrywide political parties. They use banners in almost every packages and rally. Additionally, organizations running in the various industries use banners for various purposes.
Apart from the digital signage, flex is the only instrument for outdoor media advertising.

Furthermore, every school, academic institutions, and sports activities organizations use flex banners in almost each event. Additionally, there is correct home market also.
Nowadays, human beings use flex banners in the events consisting of birthday parties or social gatherings. Therefore, the flex printing commercial enterprise has the manageable market for the new entrepreneurs.

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