Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Opportunities in India

Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Opportunities

Scope of digital marketing

The world is getting digitized very quick and India is not some distance behind. In current years most of the small and big organizations in the united states of america have changed the way they do their marketing. So, that is the purpose Scope of digital marketing jobs are so lots in demand.

Earlier most of the advertising budgets of agencies had been allocated for regular systems like Newspaper, TV, Radio, SMS etc. But now extra and extra groups are going on-line and exploring the scope of digital advertising jobs.
Every corporation wants to make the most the strength of digital marketing and reach out to maximum variety of people.

So they are spending more on walking digital advertising campaigns than ever before. In fact, they have separate in residence digital advertising branch in their company.
Scope of digital marketing and marketing jobs are going to provide you in the future.

Best Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Options

15 – Best Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Options


Search Engine Optimization related jobs are one of the most frequent Digital Marketing career opportunities that you can find.

Once you’ve accomplished a direction in Digital Marketing from a reputed institute you can join as an intern for the time being. But later with some experience, you can graduate to a web optimization govt very easily.

Although SEO job profile is very significant but to cut it quick your most important job will be getting real superb one way links from the authority websites.

As you gain knowledge and advance your expertise via mastering a range of components of SEO you are most probable to get promoted to a Senior search engine marketing Executive level in the company.

Beginning pay of a SEO master will be around Rs 12,000 – Rs 15,000/month. However, after an trip of 2 years or greater you can without difficulty earn up to Rs 40,000/- to Rs 50,000/- per month.



If you love working with a range of social media systems like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram then you can become a social media specialist as a substitute becoming a search engine marketing expert.

After the internship, you can join a organisation as a Social Media Marketer. Your predominant position will be going for walks paid commercials on various social media platforms.

For example, going for walks commercials on Facebook is going to require a lot of advertising abilities because of the addition of new facets every single day.As a Social Media Manager, you will often be dealing with the content material part.Salary can be whatever between Rs 12,500 – Rs 50,000 per month depending upon your experience.


SEM or search engine advertising goals Search Engines like Google and Bing. To be practical 99% of the time entrepreneurs will be dealing with Google.In SEM you are going to promote a internet site by using ranking it high on Google Search Result Page. With the help of a paid campaign regarded as Google Adwords.

In Google Adwords, your primary undertaking will be creating powerful advertisements and walking the ad marketing campaign efficaciously within the distributed budget.

It requires a lot of journey working with Google Adwords. Your campaigns need to produce consequences inside the budget. It wishes a lot of research to pick keywords which are very targeted but at the identical time are very low in CPC.

PPC jobs are also pretty similar to Adwords but here you will be strolling Pay Per Click ads on Facebook, YouTube, and different platforms.


 Digital Marketing Managers are responsible for overseeing projects, creating closing dates and managing budgets. As a digital marketer, you will manipulate a entire campaign from content to SEO.

You will be coordinating with more than a few departments in your corporation like SEO team, Social Media Marketing team, Content Marketing Team, Email Marketers, etc.

A DM Manager will be reporting immediately to the Marketing Management of the company. So you will be working at a an awful lot greater level.Before you come to be a Digital Marketing Manager you need at least 5 to 6 years of trip in the industry.The common earnings of a Digital advertising supervisor ought to be well over Rs 24 lacs per annum.


 One of the gorgeous elements of having a digital advertising profession in India is that you don’t have to always locate a 9 to 5 job. You can continually begin on your very own from the comfort of your home.

Blogging is one way!

If you have a passion for something, then you can mix that passion with Digital Marketing. You can create a blog by way of buying a domain and hosting, updating it in many instances with articles and videos, doing some website positioning and that’s it.

Digital Marketing will assist you to market your blog to the people with the help of SEO. On the one hand, you will create extremely good content material. And on the other, you will construct backlinks to get extra traffic.

With running a blog you can earn Rs 10,000/- a month and also Rs 10 Lacs a month depending upon your blog. Blogging has bought a top notch future ahead!


 To be trustworthy only 1 out of 10 succeeds as a blogger however 9 out of 10 can clearly come to be a content material writer. Any digital advertising campaign wants exact content. In fact, superb content material marketing is not viable except content.

Hence, content material writers are in a superb scope of digital advertising jobs.You ought to be in a position to write best content on any given topic. Your job is instead simple and requires writing abilities only. You don’t have to worry about the marketing part.

Content writers are paid for each word they write. In India, content material writers are paid Rs 0.25 to Rs 0.50 on an average for per word. Exceptional writers can get paid even Rs 1 to Rs 2 per word.


 Although copywriting is no longer associated to digital advertising jobs as such however when it comes to content marketing copywriters play an essential role.

Copywriting is a bit greater nuanced than content writing. Here you will be requested to write for a landing web page or the sales page of a website.

As a copywriter, your responsibility is to convert readers into clients through convincing them through the words you write.Instead of getting paid for each work you get paid for every sales web page you create.


In my opinion, the fantastic thing of Digital Marketing jobs is Freelancing jobs. A Digital Marketing profession in India makes it feasible for you to work as a Freelancer.

>>  You don’t work for anybody!

>>  Don’t have a boss!

>>  You do not commute!

>>  You select your very own Time!

A freelancer can be something a writer, a search engine optimization man or a marketer.  Suppose there is a new restaurant just opened in your town and the proprietor needs to promote it on-line through digital advertising then he is greater probable to employ a freelancer like you than an company because Freelancers are an awful lot cheaper.

You can create their Facebook page or a blog and construct some one-way links to get customers.

You can also take tasks from consumers on Freelancing web sites like Upwork or Freelancer end them on time and get paid directly from them.

Freelancers have to market themselves via social media websites like Facebook or LinkedIn to get greater clients.

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 Content is already being written via the content writers and you simply have to promote it on-line via a number means.

As a content marketer your accountability will be managing blogs, e-book publication, income web page copywriting, guest blogging, drip advertising campaigns, video marketing, social media etc.

You have to suppose out of the container to help reach content material to maximum people online. For example, you can also have to go to an influencer and convince him/her to promote your content material on Social Media platforms.

Various revolutionary strategies have to be applied here.Content marketer’s profits can be between Rs 300,000 to Rs 12,000,00 per annum.



 In this career, you have to use e-mail verbal exchange equipment to attain out to customers. Email marketing is an awful lot greater focused than other varieties of marketing. Here you construct a relationship without delay with customers.

Hence, you have to be very responsible with clients and not use the equal ancient techniques like bombarding them with sales letter 5 instances a day in their inbox.

Your distribution methods like broadcasting sales letter to lots of subscribers ought to be engaging to clients at a private level.

Always follow up with any other email.You have to make the fine use of Forms and Pop-ups to get more subscribers. Email Marketers can earn as a great deal as Content Marketers.



 If you are now not searching for a job and desire to be extra than a Freelancer then you can start a Digital Marketing Agency.

It will be a small corporation where you will provide offerings like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, Brand Management to your clients.

First, you will create your very own website bringing up all the services you are going to offer. And then promote it a little bit online. And that is how you will get new clients. It will no longer be a education institute but greater like a consulting firm.




If you already have a business(ideas) and desire to take it on-line then digital advertising and marketing can assist you in doing that.

After you have achieved a direction in Digital Marketing you can implement that know-how to grow your business.

Suppose you are an Amazon Seller. And want to increase your patron base then you can create a website. Add properly content, do some search engine marketing to rank excessive on Google and attain out to new customers on line daily.

Instead of paying for ads in essential newspapers or going for a consultancy. You can generate leads on your very own thru digital marketing.It will help you to attain clients in smaller cities throughout India.


 There is some different lesser known digital advertising and marketing jobs. One of them is a Web Analytics job where you analyze the performance of websites.

Things like

Traffic Analysis like organic, referral, direct, social media etc

Demographics like country, age, profits group, gender etc.

Views and Visitors,Bounce Rate, Platform Being Used like Laptop or Mobile.

Google Analytics is the tool that you will be working with most of the time.

Your income will rely upon your experience.


 Conversion Rate Optimizer or CRO’s function is to make bigger the conversion charge, with the aid of getting greater human beings to visit a website and purchase its products.

A CRO will use tools like to get insights, on how human beings are responding to touchdown pages and optimize them in addition to get better conversion rates.

You will work with a number of people like Inbound Marketing Team, SEM, Social Media Marketer, Email Marketer and many others to get maximum results.

CRO are paid way greater than a Web Analytics guy.


Last but now not the least digital advertising profession in India is Growth Hacker. You will use modern and cheap techniques to grow your business.

You will perceive the most environment friendly ways to develop commercial enterprise across the advertising and marketing funnel and product development.

Growth hackers are well-experienced human beings with a lot of journey in the industry.  Their income can be up to Rs 24 lacs per annum. So these were 15 odd digital marketing jobs for human beings from all walks of life. You can pick out every person of them whichever fits you the best.

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